Investor Real Estate Finance

St Cloud Financial's representatives and analysts are ready to help you Evaluate and Finance your investment opportunities. Our Professionals are ready to help you find the best balance of Return on Investment, Cash Flow, and Leverage to minimize Risk and enhance your portfolio, whether this is your first property or your hundredth.

We Provide Financing solutions to Investors on Income Producing Commercial Real Estate Properties nationwide and structure the loan around your needs.

Please feel free to contact us and let us show you the Professional Advantage - The St. Cloud Advantage.

Investor Finance Criteria
Property TypeOffice
Light Industrial
Mixed Use
Loan Amounts$500,000 - 100,000,000.
Loan-To-ValueUp to 80%
Lending AreaNation Wide
DSCR1.20 - 1.30
Credit660 mid FICO
Lower Case-by-Case
DocumentationFull Documentation
Target TermsSeveral Options available
up to 30 year fixed
Fixed and Variable Rates
RecourseFull or Non-Recourse
Special NotesStabilized Properties
No Pre-Pay Option Available
Please call
for more information